Saturday 27 August 2016

Destined for Greatness

Congratulations to all of the young people out there who have worked their socks off to get the best exam grades they can; especially to one particular young lady this card is for. For those who didn't do as well as they hoped, take comfort in the fact that the web is littered with examples of millionaires who left school with few qualifications and still made good. A great mantra from the Why Try programme is It's better to work hard than be smart. Don't give up, success is just around the corner.

Materials used:
wording cut with Silhouette
Distress Inks
GiogioCraft stencil: butterfly


  1. A great quote and encouragement, Claire. Lovely card and unusual way to use the butterfly stencil, I love it!

  2. A lovely card Claire, with a great use of Gio's stencil!
    I agree with you, me must encourage all the youngs even when they fail at their exams.. I'm sure like you that they will have another chance later if they believe in them and in their strengths and talents.
    Coco xx

  3. Thank you Gio and Coco. I chose the butterfly as it transforms from a humble caterpillar. Life holds all sorts of surprises.


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