Sunday, 7 May 2017

May brings flocks of pretty lambs...

This week saw the arrival of the swifts at the reservoir near to my home. People who know me might say I'm a little obsessed by swifts! I'm excited when they arrive and feel sad for days when they go. They are a sure sign that summer is not far away. The reservoir attracts a lot of wildlife and is a well known birding spot. On the grassy banks sheep are grazed and this is a lovely time of year to watch the lambs playing.

And so over to The Craft Barn Twelve Month Challenge. The challenge is based on Sarah Coleridge's poem The Months.

May brings flocks of pretty lambs, 
Skipping by their fleecy dams.

It feels quite sultry this morning. Great for bringing the flies down which means the swifts come in close. I feel a bit of swift watching coming on!

Do have a look at The Craft Barn blog to see what other ideas people have to illustrate this month. Thanks for stopping by. xx


  1. hi Claire this is such a sweet scene and perfect for this time of year. Hope you have a lovely crafty week, Angela xXx

  2. Such a pretty scenery you built , Clare, so warm and summerish. In italian we say "Una rondine non fa Primavera", we need to be patient...:-)

    1. We also have that saying. Only seen one swallow so far but can't be long now!

  3. I adore this scenic card Claire. So beautiful!!!!
    That's strange, because I thought that I already had written a little message on your blog about this one... :) But I don't see my name, so better two times that none :D xxx

    1. Thank you for commenting...twice! I have a confession, the first time I hit delete instead of publish by accident and couldn't get it back. Thank you so much for coming back. I really do value your comments xxx


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