Friday, 20 August 2021

It's a balancing act


I'm sharing a card today on a circus theme.

I debated whether to make it and I debated whether to share it. I have mixed memories of the delight of going to the circus as a child and seeing the animals, but also knowing now that many of the animals suffered in captivity. Are images like these still OK to use? Would it be better if the elephant wasn't on the ball? I'd welcome your thoughts.

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  1. This card is so beautiful and funny. And it is just a card, in my opinion. Well, I would like so-so much to have no more animals in the circus all around the world, I hope in the future it will be like that.

  2. This really is so sweet. We don't like the thought of animals being abused but at the same time it would be a shame to not use these images to remind people of what did happen. Maybe it's a bit like cartoon pictures. We all know bears don't wear clothes but you wouldn't want to get rid of Paddington or Winnie the Poo. Thanks for the lovely comments over at mine too xXx

  3. Lovely card, very punchy and dynamic. Should we not use those images? Making this card will not promote the use of elephants in circuses or hurt them in anyway. I mean if you were Hallmark it might be different but... x


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