Sunday 9 July 2023

Plant play


Recently I had a wonderful parcel of stencils from Giovanna Zara including her designs for GelliArts.

I thought Brusho would be good for a first play.

I layered the images using both the stencils and the masks, starting with the palest colour lemon yellow and then working through leaf green, sea green and violet.

 I love the texture you can get with Brusho when you control the amount of water

Lots of fun and lots of inky fingers by the end. I've lots of ideas for these so watch this space...

Thank you for stopping by xx


  1. Gio's stencils are awesome and I can see you have a big bunch of them to play with! :) Well done with your first play with them and brushos!!

  2. Now thats a parcel anyone would be pleaserd to receive xXx

  3. Interesting idea.... looks a bit like these experiments with eco printing (with less mess).


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