Thursday 9 October 2014

Mixed Media Messing Around

Last weekend I had a great time at The Craft Barn on a class with Gio.  The project was a mixed media journal cover using our homemade stamps, stencils and masks.  We chose a photo of a model from a magazine, covered the page in cellotape to make it more durable, and cut around the outline to create both a mask and stencil.  We made our own stamps by die cutting sticky backed foam and mounting it on pieces of polystyrene packaging. We also used plastic draining board mats, plastic table cloth pieces, bits of lace and even a fan from the inside of a computer as masks. 

The cover was prepared with strips of masking tape roughed around the edges for texture and covered in gesso.  When dry the image mask was put on, other masks placed around and the whole lot sprayed with dye based inks.  Using the stencil part of the image different coloured inks were applied to the silhouette. Next, stamping with Distress and Archival inks, some outlining and a bit of translucent texture paste.  Finally a bit of Treasure Gold to highlight the raised areas.  Certainly took me out of my comfort zone! And here it is...

If you like this style check out Gio's blog Scrap in Progress.  She's queen of upcycling and repurposing!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. May I say wow!!! Your cover is really strinking and bold. The green border is so effective. Thanks for being there , Claire , it was a pleasure :-)

  2. Your piece is really effective Claire and a great success 😊


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