Wednesday 10 April 2019

Simple Stencilled Cards

Hello there
A few weeks ago I was tasked with coming up with craft activities for a work away day. We had one group activity but I was also keen that everyone went away with something they had made. Not an easy task for nearly 40 people, some of whom have never crafted and some of whom undoubtedly didn't want to!

I went with some easy stencilling and stamping. One or two opted for a spectating role but most people went home with at least one card, and some people made several.

What I hadn't anticipated was how people were worried about getting the ink off their fingers. If you're a crafter it's a sign of time well spent!

Have a lovely day xx


  1. You came back!! :-)
    Lovely samples from your 'students' , it happened the same to me, most people was just worried about the inky fingers :-D
    I sent a note to you via Etsy, anyway I forgot they don't send parcels away on Saturday, so I will send it tomorrow .
    PS: GRAZIE!!

  2. Claire! You're back. So pleased to see your crafty goodness. I'm organising some crafting for a Hen party and hadn't thought about inky fingers getting in the way, better take them some gloves then they'll have no excuse not to join in Lol! Sending hugs, Angela xXx


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