Friday, 18 September 2020

Big on botanicals


I'm here today to show you my first steps gel monoprinting with botanicals. I've signed up to Kim Herringe's online gelatin plate monoprinting workshop. There are 30 lessons over 6 modules with very clear videos and PDFs. It's lots of fun.

I am rather limited in the botanicals department, as I have a small balcony with some half dead plants, therefore I shall be out and about this week and I also have my mother-in-law on the case, who has a fabulous garden!

These are the most interesting of my attempts getting to grips with first generation and ghost prints and what's best and where.


Thank you for taking the time to look. Any comments to help improve my technique will be gratefully received.

Have a lovely weekend xxx


  1. It looks interesting and promising, Claire! Never tried plants on my Gelli plate but I assume the flatter the plant the better. So leaves are probably more successful than flowers... which is giving me an idea, I must try it with skeleton leaves. x

    1. It does help if they are fairly flat or at least flexible but the paper you use is important too. She has a section on different papers pros and cons. My mother-in-law pressed me some leaves and posted them and they have been brilliant with loads of vein detail surviving.

  2. Brilliant now this looks like a great workshop. My favourite plants for Gel printing, faux bleaching and stamping have got to be the ferns. They are fairly flat to start off with, make great patterns and I'm lucky enough to have a few different varieties in my garden too. You keep them coming my creative friend. Happy crafty week with hugs, Angela xXx


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