Monday, 22 March 2021

March printing challenge - week 3



Today I'm sharing the prints from the third week of the @Gelliarts #marchprintingchallenge on Instagram. It's been a bit harder to find time this week, but sometimes the ones you do quickly turn out to be the best.

Here's week 3:

15. black and white

16. splash of colour

17. shamrock

18. dots

19. triangles

20. pattern

21. love is...

Really not sure which is my favourite this week. Maybe the gecko or maybe the little triangular yachts. Which is your favourite?

Thank you for visiting. Hope you have a lovely week xxx


  1. I like the Triangles best, I immediately saw sailboats on seawater... maybe I'm obsessed because it's been so long since my last beach holiday! but well done for doing all the others too, it can't be easy to come up with ideas all the time.

  2. Really fabulous prints claire!!! Well done! xx

  3. Hi Claire, you've been slightly busy since I was last here! These are just great, the black and white one is definitely my favourite but then I really like 18 and 20 but then they are all great designs. Well done and hugs, Angela xxx


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