Sunday 31 October 2021

Cute critters for Christmas


I only seem to have time for crafting or blogging, not both. Today I'm going to try and make time for a bit of each. 

I've been making samples for a Christmas card making night in a few weeks time at Chertsey Museum. It's become an annual thing, but of course we couldn't do it last year. There will be fewer places this year to help with distancing and I've been warned the doors will be open...but hardened crafters won't feel the cold when the glitter is out!


I try to come up with ideas that don't need a lot of crafting expertise, take about half an hour a card, I have the equipment for and won't cost the museum too much in consumables. Over the years I realise that cute and sparkly is a definite favourite.

As I have an abundance of stamps from magazines this style is something we have done before, and there is plenty of scope for individual variation. I hate going to a class where you have to copy the tutor exactly, no creativity in that. 

I've used Giogiocraft stencils for the backgrounds.


If you live near Chertsey Museum it's worth a visit. They have a nationally important costume collection and frequently change the history exhibitions so there's always a reason to revisit.

I'm off to make more samples. Thank you for stopping by xx


  1. Sweet cards Claire. I'm with you regarding the projects. I've been attending a craft club for about two years now and the ladies have asked me to do a few classes for them and I've realised that we have quite a mix of ability and interest so what ever I do I try to offer them something different that they've not done before but which wont take too long to make and instruction sheets work well too. These cards would be great as they have a number of techniques without taking too long to make, love them xXx

  2. Thank you. I also do an instruction sheet. I try to cover all the things that I appreciate in a good class. Clear guidance but lots of opportunity to change the colours and images. Nothing is more guaranteed to stiffle creativity then being made to work with colours you hate...brown and orange a definite turn off for me ;-)

  3. Thank you for the plug! We're looking forward to seeing you again - already nearly all booked up and hasn't been advertised yet as the Crafty Claire fanclub has got in first

  4. I adore these two first cards, so lovely!!! xxx

  5. Forgive the Americanism but OMG a Crafty Claire fanclub!!! Holding classes, even for your favourite hobby, must be so stressful... rewarding too! Yes I think it's a good choice of design and products for a Christmas card making session with varied levels of skills.


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