Sunday, 10 October 2021

Shoreditch Street Art


My lovely husband bought me a street art experience which I was eventually able to do a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it was a rather wet and wild day so the photographic opportunities were a bit limited. Steve Bell of Digital Denizens rescued the day from being a wash out with lots of interesting facts about  London street art history.

There were a few stand out works for me and an introduction to Otto Schade.


And I loved this one from Dan Kitchener...

 Always good to see old favourites...Stik


...and Thierry Noir 



Mr Cenz always one of my favourites...

...and so many more...

I love the philosophy of street art, free for all, ever changing, vibrant and often has a really thought provoking message. 

Hope these photos have brightened your day.






  1. How wonderful!!! Some amazinging artists, reminds me of Belleville in Paris. Might have to take a walk round my city!
    Thank you so much for sharing, it did brighten my day

  2. Thanks for sharing your day out with us Claire, so many amazing artists. Have a good week, Hugs Angela xXx

  3. I had no idea how much street art there is in London, or how accomplished! Thanks for sharing Claire! x


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