Friday 28 April 2023

Cats in pots


Today I'm sharing a couple more cards made using my current favourite technique...

...stamp the image, mask it off, swipe the card through spritzed Distress Ink...

...add some stencilling...

 ...add some stamping...

 ...and finish off with some colouring and a few splatters.

I think I like the second border better. What do you think?

Have a lovely day. Thank you for stopping by xx


  1. Definitely prefer the second one ;)

  2. I actually like the first one. I love the way the leaves are part of it xxx

  3. Cover A Card stamps! Haven't played with those for such a long time... used to get them at the Craft Barn (guessing you did too). Yes the 2nd franme looks better, I think because it's darker.


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