Saturday 21 May 2022



A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend with a friend for our annual painting treat to ourselves. For a few years now we've spent a day with artist Jo Sheppard gleaning tips and techniques to improve our acrylic painting. In the past we have covered mixed media techniques, abstract landscapes and trees. This year we were having a go at water. 

Jo always gets us started with colour mixing. We then used reference photos that Jo had taken to have a go at studies, with about 90 minutes for each one. 

My challenge to myself was to loosen up and try and use a bigger brush or a palette knife.



I could carry on tweaking but overall I was pleased how they ended up. Think I like the middle one best, which is weird when turquoise is my favourite colour and that's the least natural of the three. I definitely learnt a lot and am already looking forward to our painting day next year.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely creative week xx


  1. This is absolutely beautiful Claire!!! I think my favourite is also the one in the middle :) But all three are gorgeous, well done! xxx

  2. Well done Claire these are gorgeous. Bet you had a great time. Happy creative weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx


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