Sunday 31 October 2021

Cute critters for Christmas


I only seem to have time for crafting or blogging, not both. Today I'm going to try and make time for a bit of each. 

I've been making samples for a Christmas card making night in a few weeks time at Chertsey Museum. It's become an annual thing, but of course we couldn't do it last year. There will be fewer places this year to help with distancing and I've been warned the doors will be open...but hardened crafters won't feel the cold when the glitter is out!


I try to come up with ideas that don't need a lot of crafting expertise, take about half an hour a card, I have the equipment for and won't cost the museum too much in consumables. Over the years I realise that cute and sparkly is a definite favourite.

As I have an abundance of stamps from magazines this style is something we have done before, and there is plenty of scope for individual variation. I hate going to a class where you have to copy the tutor exactly, no creativity in that. 

I've used Giogiocraft stencils for the backgrounds.


If you live near Chertsey Museum it's worth a visit. They have a nationally important costume collection and frequently change the history exhibitions so there's always a reason to revisit.

I'm off to make more samples. Thank you for stopping by xx

Sunday 10 October 2021

Shoreditch Street Art


My lovely husband bought me a street art experience which I was eventually able to do a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it was a rather wet and wild day so the photographic opportunities were a bit limited. Steve Bell of Digital Denizens rescued the day from being a wash out with lots of interesting facts about  London street art history.

There were a few stand out works for me and an introduction to Otto Schade.


And I loved this one from Dan Kitchener...

 Always good to see old favourites...Stik


...and Thierry Noir 



Mr Cenz always one of my favourites...

...and so many more...

I love the philosophy of street art, free for all, ever changing, vibrant and often has a really thought provoking message. 

Hope these photos have brightened your day.