Sunday 28 November 2021

What's good for the goose is good for the gander


I've been busy crafting away, making Christmas cards, but never getting the time to share on the blog so there's a bit of catch up to do.

Yesterday I joined Isa for a Facebook Live craftalong. You can follow the link to see the video and enter the competition. The theme was using opaque materials on dark backgrounds. There is a competition and the entry has to be a tag (not a card).

So here goes my first two attempts...

I won't explain the process as it's all in Isa's video but I will say that I have fallen in love with Dr Phil Martin's bleed proof white, which is really white even on porous card.

So which of these two do you prefer? Your thoughts and constructive comments are always welcome.

Thank you for stopping by xxx


Friday 12 November 2021

Winter stag


I've been making a few Christmas cards with the Gelli plate by printing straight on to the card blank. I've used Distress ink with a Giogiocraft stencil and some stamping on top. Where I was generous with the ink it has created speckles and texture, with less ink I achieved a smoother, flatter finish.

Some cards use the print and others the ghost print.

No two are exactly alike.

I used a stamping platform for the stag and stamped it twice, once in a lighter colour and then again with darker ink around the edges to give a little depth. I used a stencil brush with the stencil to add a little extra colour and stencilled some ground with a scrap of torn paper.

I really can't decide which I like best. As always your thoughts are very welcome.

Thank you for stopping by xx

Friday 5 November 2021

More Christmas critters


I'm sharing a couple more samples for the up coming Christmas card making night at Chertsey Museum that I mentioned in the last post.

Over the years I have tried different styles and designs but realise that as long as there's opportunity for lots of sparkle everyone will be happy.


Now it's time to think about making some Christmas cards for myself. I usually make about 80 so I'd better get cracking! 

Thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always appreciated. Have a lovely day xx