Monday 28 March 2022



Today I'm sharing a card made for a special birthday and also for the #tagalongbasket challenge with Isa on Facebook. The idea of the basket challenge is to use supplies that have never been used or have been unloved for a long time. As my friend is a marine biologist it was the perfect excuse to dig out all of the sea themed stamps and stencils I have, most of which have never been touched.


The background was made with Distress Oxide inks through stencils on watercolour paper. 

It took quite a long time to colour all of the elements with Inktense pencils and fine liners.

Of course it needed a little bit of sparkle.

When I need a special card I often make multiple elements so that I can pick from the ones that turn out the best. Fortunately there weren't too many mistakes so I managed to make three cards. As so much time and love went into the cards they had to go to people who would really appreciate them...our mums on Mothers Day.

Thank you for taking a look. Have a lovely day xxx

Monday 21 March 2022

March tagalong


This year I'm joining in with challenges set by Isa.

If you are interested you need to ask to join the private tagalong group. This month the tutorial and challenge uses geometric shapes.


Before this challenge I had never really used tags but the format is slowly beginning to grow on me.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day xx


Saturday 19 March 2022

March printing challenge - week 3


I'm a bit behind posting because I've only just caught up with the gel prints for week 3 of the GelliArts #marchprintingchallenge.

12. Stars

13. Forest

14. Sea

15. Black and white

16. Layers

17. Green

18. Dots

I'm off for a bit more crafting while there's the chance. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day xx

Monday 14 March 2022

Card in a tin


Friday saw me back at Chertsey Museum for a card making workshop. The curator challenged me to come up with a project to use up some tins they had been given. This was a re-run of a workshop from 2020 just before activities across the world were paused for COVID.

The first time round my samples looked like this...


This time I was a bit more flamboyant...


It's a lovely idea for a special celebration card. The cardboard sleeve keeps the lid on, looks great and means you don't need to wrap it up.

The museum has a group of regular attendees, some are seasoned crafters, some newbies to the hobby and some started off with no experience and are now pretty amazing. I always try to think of ideas that can be as simple or as difficult as they want and always...ALWAYS...allow for people to do their own thing. Nothing worse than a workshop where the tutor gets in a strop if you deviate from their design...done a few of those.

The ladies said I could share their creations.

I think they did brilliantly and a lot of fun was had.

Thank you popping by. Have a great week with lots of crafty fun xx