Friday 4 March 2022

March printing challenge - week 1


Today I'm sharing some gel prints I've done for the GelliArts #marchprintingchallenge. Gel printing is very addictive, before you know it the whole room is covered in printed paper!

1.  flowers

2. circles

3. rainbows

4. hearts

I also managed to use some die cut gelliprints on a gelliprint background for the #2022Marchcolorprompt challenge on Instagram. 

Week 1- blue and teal

Over time I have experimented with different paints and I seem to get the best results with Golden open acrylics which stay wet for longer and pick up fine detail in botanicals. The rainbow, though, was done with Brusho on watercolour paper and I like the effect so I will have to investigate this a bit more. Some of the prints I have added to with Posca paint pen, graphite pencil and inktense pencils.

As always, the dilemma is make them into cards, keep as they are or use as a base for another project? What do you think?

Have a lovely week xx


  1. I love your Gel prints and you're right it is addictive which I know it's silly but it's one of the reasons you don't see me using mine very often as I just can't stop once I start and then end up with loads of paper. Hope you have a good time with the class. The nice thing with our Craft Group is that I can take a class almost any time without the worry of organising the place or the numbers as the lady who runs the club does all that and I just have to get myself organised. I'm doing a Retiform one for them soon. Have a great week and stay safe. Hugs, Angela xXx

  2. Well another year I won't be taking the challenge! Well done for taking the time Claire! I love your rainbow print, I guess it's the bright colours that please me. Can't help with your dilemma... I usually have the same problem! x


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