Monday 14 March 2022

Card in a tin


Friday saw me back at Chertsey Museum for a card making workshop. The curator challenged me to come up with a project to use up some tins they had been given. This was a re-run of a workshop from 2020 just before activities across the world were paused for COVID.

The first time round my samples looked like this...


This time I was a bit more flamboyant...


It's a lovely idea for a special celebration card. The cardboard sleeve keeps the lid on, looks great and means you don't need to wrap it up.

The museum has a group of regular attendees, some are seasoned crafters, some newbies to the hobby and some started off with no experience and are now pretty amazing. I always try to think of ideas that can be as simple or as difficult as they want and always...ALWAYS...allow for people to do their own thing. Nothing worse than a workshop where the tutor gets in a strop if you deviate from their design...done a few of those.

The ladies said I could share their creations.

I think they did brilliantly and a lot of fun was had.

Thank you popping by. Have a great week with lots of crafty fun xx


  1. You right they did really well. I know what you mean about tutors who don't like you to adjust the project which surprises me as they might learn something too. I know the Retiform technique looks difficult that you saw over at mine but it's quite easy really if you start on a small piece of card rather than making the Masterboards that I do. Have a lovely week. Hugs, Angela xXx

  2. Oooh, genius! :D You must had fun with the ladies, and really your samples are beautiful, and a lovely idea for a special gift, bravo Claire!!!
    A great workshop, the makes by the attendees are all very pretty... You must be a good teacher (I'm sure you are, that's my feeling from long).
    That's very good times sharing our passion, aren't they?
    Happy weekend
    Coco xxx


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