Sunday 4 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Here in the UK we've just come through a spell of bitterly cold, snowy weather, but today there are glimmers of sunshine and a definite touch of spring in the air. My offering this weekend is a little decorated box, perfect to put a little gift or chocolates in.

For details of materials and how I did it do take a look at The Craft Barn blog. A short post today as I'm going to do my best to actually get some crafting done!

Thank you for visiting. Hope you have a lovely day xxx


  1. Hi Claire, your box is such a delight to the eyes! Now you asked me about what I do with the things I make. Sometimes I pass them to friends as gifts but usually only if they have already seen it and said they liked it as I find this a difficult one as I don't want them disappointed. I also have boxes in the loft with some of the stuff but also try to display some too. I have sold one or two. I love making things but they do take space up, so what do you do? Happy creative weekend, Angela xXx

    1. I do the same and give them to people who admire them. I also give a lot to my mother-in-law who donates them to charities or her church to be sold for good causes. It makes it easier to part with projects you've grown fond of!

    2. Sounds a good way to pass them on. Hugs, Angela xXx

  2. Wow!! How lovely your box, Claire!
    Brilliant make, I adore this!!
    Off to the blog to get the details.
    I wish you a lovely day
    Hugs xx

  3. This is really a ray of sunshine, Claire. Such vibrant colors and beautiful design. The lid looks a lot like a painted tile, wow!


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