Saturday 22 June 2019

Glorious Gelli

Hi there
I always seem to be in a rush writing posts! Holiday in a few weeks so maybe I can take my time then. It's a busy day today but I was up early to try out some of Giovanna Zara’s gel printing ideas using her stamps and stencils. She's part of the GelliArts design team and has just published her own  ebook.

I've tried in the past with paint and pulled some uninspiring prints so I thought I'd have a go with Distress Oxide ink. (Reading her book I think I was using too much paint so will have to have another go.)

It didn't take long to get a little pile of very pretty prints.

I'll make these up into cards later on.

Hope you all have a lovely fun and relaxing day wherever you are.
Thank you for stopping by xxx


  1. Very cool and pretty prints Claire!! I have to do the same, showing great backgrounds or bags made quickly and so easily with the gorgeous masks and stencils from Gio.
    Hope you will have great time on holidays soon :)
    Coco xxx

  2. These are so lovely, Claire, can't wait to see the finished cards Thank you for the shout out, you made that e-book real!!!! YOU! :-)

  3. Now I see where all those gorgeous cards began, brilliant xXx


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