Wednesday 28 August 2019

Street Art Lisbon 2019

Hello again
Next up is the wonderful street art of Lisbon. There are many blogs dedicated to finding street art with details and maps of where to find works...this is not one of them! After all the work might be gone when you go to look for it. I'm sharing just for the pleasure and inspiration. Our approach is to wander and see what we see. OK if I'm honest there was a long slog in the heat and much searching of maps to find one or two of the pieces! The wet and wild weather hampered us in Porto but the steep streets and scorching heat of Lisbon were more of a challenge. We didn't do too badly though. Here are some of my personal favourites.

The famous work celebrating Fado, the traditional music of Portugal, by a collective of local artists Movimento os Amigos de São Cristóvão who have come together to try to improve their neighbourhood.

 Detail from Fado Vadio

Vhils etches portraits into walls

Another magnificent work by Bordalo II using junk and recycled materials.

A clear message from Stra


Os Gêmeos


Lucy Mclauchlan





 To the right of this wall was the pristine white wall of someone's house. 
Nice to see the artists respect the request.

 Always fun to find a Gregos face.

 Draw and Ergo Bandits

Hope this inspires you in your own art or to have fun and search out street art where you are.
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  1. How lucky to have visited such an inspiring place. Loving the art work, Angela xxx


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