Sunday, 13 September 2020

Taking it online


First of all you may have noticed I've played around a bit with the layout and colour theme. I'm afraid I am still struggling to find how to adjust some of the elements but I'm giving up for now!

I have finally started on a few Christmas cards in the last couple of weeks, but I will save them to share a little nearer the time. I've also dipped into a few online classes for a bit of fun. 

One was with the Cloud Appreciation Society trying watercolour techniques for clouds. It was more than £40 for 90mins and the tuition was a little loose with lots of time to experiment yourself.

One was with Art Sippers at £7.99 for two and a half hours of fun, step-by-step tutorial, quizzes and jokes. The subject was a giraffe and I chose to use Gelatos as a medium. Really good for an online painting party.

For me the best one has been Something Less Boring with over two hours of tutorial for £4.50. What made it so good (apart from the ridiculously cheap price) was the combination of a whole project, with quite a lot of technique, good pacing and a really clear video set up where you could see the teacher and the canvas on a split screen. Of course I didn't finish but I will definitely return to the canvas to finish it off.

I really miss actually joining with people and creating together, but not being able to meet in person has meant a lot of really good quality courses have gone online. I've signed up to a gel printing course with Kim Herringe in Australia... I'd never get to do one of her workshops in person. Watch this space.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a lovely week xxx


  1. Thank you Claire for all these great links and artist references! Your trials are wonderful, I love your giraffe and your canvas of wild flowers!!!
    Also your watercolored clouds are beautiful.
    Great to know that you can enjoy quietly some inline workshops!
    Hugs, Coco xx

  2. Firstly, I noticed the change on your blog immediately and I love the banner, the increased width and the light colour background! Of course I am using a PC screen not a phone, it may be different there.
    Secondly I am amazed you could find a tutorial for £7.99, let alone £4.99 (I'm off to check them)! Still the clouds look good, maybe still worth the price... x

  3. Hi Claire not surprised you've given up for a while we've got better things to do than mess around trying to work out how to adjust things, I don't remember the classic interface being so difficult to understand. I am thinking of staring up another blog just to practice on but whether I'll find the time is a different matter. The courses sound interesting but the new Gel course now that's got to be fun. I really look forward to seeing how you get on with it and I'll pop over and have a look at it. I should be going to my craft club next Saturday and although it will be open I am not sure it's a good idea especially as I've got my mum to think about but I sure am missing it. Take care my crafty friend, hugs Angela xXx


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