Monday 29 March 2021

March printing challenge - week 4


Today I'm sharing the prints from the fourth week of the @Gelliarts #marchprintingchallenge on Instagram. Timewise and inspiration-wise it's been a bit more of a challenge but glad I have persevered.

Here's week 4:

22. sunshine

23. rain

24. moon

25.sparkle - hope you can see the sparkle and iridescence

26. fruits

27. vegetables - really struggled with this and resorted to printing with veggies onto the plate

28. favourite colour - turquoise, red and white is my favourite colour combination

 ...and so just a few days to go. It's been fun and pushed my creativity a little at times, but that's what it's all about...isn't it?

Thank you for taking the time to look. Have a lovely week xxx


  1. I looove your entries, Claire. It's been a long ride and also very satysfying :-)

    1. Thank you. Yes it's been a labour of love to do one for each day. Of course it's a bit easier when I have a lot of your lovely stencils to help with inspiration ;-)

  2. I'm well impressed that you've managed to keep this up and they are gorgeous too. Hugs, Angela xXx

  3. Great work, Claire! For me the fruit one outshines the others, it has a je ne sais quoi that holds one's attention. The vegetable one is my second favourite...


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