Wednesday 14 April 2021

Light it up with a lampshade


This last week I've been chipping away at a project that I have been forced to take quite slowly. I was given a lampshade kit a while ago and it's taken me some time to decide how to decorate it.

25cm Professional Lampshade Making Kit 5060327870446 by Needcraft for sale  online | eBay

I finally settled on a 'Lavinia' fantasy style scene and chose Inktense pencils as I thought it would look pretty when the light shone through, rather than using opaque paint. I planned it all out first to get the spacing right. You can see what it looked like flat.

Unfortunately the fabric wicked the ink in vertical lines so I had to work slowly in sections and try not to use too much water. 

I used stamps from quite a few different sets including Lavinia, Clarity, Hobby Art and ones from Creative Stamping magazine.

The colours are more muted with the light on but I think it works fairly well.

Of course now I have the old lampshade and I was thinking...what would it look like with a bit of paint on it?!

If you've had a go at decorating lampshades I'd love to hear what you used as I think I could be tempted to have another go.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a lovely week xxx





  1. Hmmm... I once bought a cheap white lampshade at Ikea with a view to decorate it. Haven't done it yet and it's been years...
    If you want to avoid seepage with fabric you can use stencil brushes with very dry paint (acrylic not watercolours or Inktense) or use Distress inks from an inkpad (although unlikely to be lightfast!).
    Coming back to this lampshade, it looks lovely and what a talking point when you announce that you did it yourself!
    Have a great week Claire! x

  2. This is beautiful Claire and what a great idea, Happy creating, Angela xXx

  3. Hi Claire just had to pop over to thank you for all the lovely comments. Hope you're having a nice day too. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  4. Oh this is so pretty!!
    Just love it.
    I've used one of those lamp shade kits before and used fabric paints from the arty crafty place (blockcraft) didn't attempt anything as complex as this though!


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