Monday 7 November 2022



A very much needed pick me up this week was the arrival of some new stencils from Gigiocraft.

I love gates, doors, archways and tunnels and always look out for them on visits to new cities. We recently spent time in Li├Ęge and found a few lovely alley ways.

I'd set some time aside for a bit of a play. Firstly starting with a gel plate background, building up some layers. I had a rough idea where I wanted the path behind the gate to go.

Now I realised too late I missed photographing the gate going on! I put carbon black paint on the plate with the stencil on top and then printed onto scrap paper, leaving just the ghost print under the stencil. I then printed the gate onto the paper where the beginning of a path was. 

 I kept the stencil in place while I stenciled the trees directly onto the paper.

Next I masked off the gate and built a wall and some vegetation up with more stencils. The trees were filled in with more stencilling and blue was added into the sky.

 At this point I turned to Posca paint pens to add flowers to the trees and bushes.

 With Inktense pencils used for building shadows and depth and gel pen for highlights.

It was a lot of fun and time slipped by so quickly it was three oclock in the afternoon before I realised I hadn't eaten anything. After all there are a lot of dots there!

I'd love to hear your thoughts and constructive comments are welcomed. Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely week xx


  1. Love the gates and how you've used them. Great piece xXx

  2. Looks like a lovely spring-ish scenery. And since you actual paint you shoud try this design on a stretched canvas. And that wall is brilliant!

  3. Very painterly, love these ornemental gates!


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