Sunday 5 October 2014

Tando Triple Birdhouse

Thank you for popping by.  Here's something I made a couple of weeks ago.  The kit comes in flat pieces and I did most of the painting while flat, just touching up the joins at the end.  To start with everything got a cover of white gesso, except for the outside of the front and back pieces, which started with a layer of PaperArtsy Fresco Finish little black dress.  Once dry a thin layer of crackle glaze was applied over the black and left to dry.  For the base colours I used mermaid, guacamole and cheesecake.  A good tip when using crackle glaze is to apply it with a piece of Cut-n-Dry foam to get a nice thin layer.  When you apply the paint over the top it will start to crack quite quickly so make sure that you do not apply it too thickly and NEVER go back over it to fill in any gaps or you will just cover up the cracks.

The roofs had an additional layer of a translucent shade (south pacific, yellow submarine and hey pesto) painted and/or stencilled on, with a little snowflake paint rubbed on the edges.  JOFY stamps were added with black archival ink and painted in with more Fresco Finish colours.  Then it was all glued together with Cosmic Shimmer glue and any gaps touched up with paint.  It now sits on my window sill at work cheering me up as I plough through endless admin. 


  1. Hi Claire, great to find your blog, both Anna and I couldn't find you yesterday. Really had a good time at the class yesterday. Great project above look forward to seeing more 😊

  2. I love them. Colourful and bright!

    Claire, you make gorgeous photos as well, don't be shy to put more on your posts, with details and different point of view!

    1. Thanks Gio. Now that I have a blog I need to get in the habit of photographing as I go along so I have more choice at the end, and keeping a list of the products I've used.


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