Sunday 2 September 2018

Adventures in Mixed Media

Hello there
Recently I've been thinking about why I love crafting and what direction I want to go in next. While I loved being on a design team it did mean that the precious little time I have for crafting was mostly taken up with someone else's agenda. With The Craft Barn closing down I've decided not to rush into another DT but to spend some time experimenting and having fun.

So here first fully fledged mixed media canvas...I think it's finished but not committed myself to sealing it just yet!

It started with swirling texture into a thick layer of gesso before building up the tree with die cuts, wooden shapes, masking tape and texture pastes. Then lots of layers of paint before I added a light gold border so the underpainting still shows through.

Lots of messy fun. Although the new me is crafting for my enjoyment, I'm always looking to improve, so your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Have a lovely day xxx


  1. I love your experiments with MixedMedia, Claire. Brilliant how you used the texture to create the design/focal point and the colours you used. I hope you carry on with this style :-)


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