Saturday 14 March 2020

Imagination has no age

Just a very quick one today as I am determined to get a bit of crafting done before the day is out. Here's my first card using the lovely Alice in Giogioland stencils. Alice is cut out and raised on foam pads but the Cheshire Cat is stencilled flat.

As life seems to have become very serious, I'm trying to hang on to a bit of fun and wonder where I can.

Thank you for stopping by. Take care xx


  1. That looks great Claire, all the details from the story are there!
    Yes life has taken a turn as bizarre as in Alice's world... Never thought the word "self-isolate" would dominate conversations! Never mind, us crafters will keep creative and carry on crafting... x

  2. Very lovely, Claire!
    I have made several backgrounds using the same stencils, gorgeous... Love them too! I need time to share them!! :D
    Happy Sunday, hugs xxx

  3. Anything to make life a bit less serious has got to be good. Loving your card. Have a great crafty week, Angela xXx


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