Tuesday 7 April 2020

Pick of the pockets

Today I'm bringing you the latest in the #craftingwithgiogio challenge on the theme of pockets. I decided to make two pockets at the back of my journal where I could keep all the lovely tags I've received from Giovanna Zara when I have bought stencils.

I cut down two pages to make the front of the pockets and stencilled gesso to create a resist.

The backgrounds were coloured with Gelatos, one half with a warm palette and one half with a cool palette and I used a baby wipe to blend the colours together. The gesso resists the pastel to leave paler areas. To give a little more interest, I rubbed more Gelato through a stencil and used a baby wipe over the top to blend it on to the page.

Next step was some stamping and white highlights with a paint pen.

I painted Giogiocraft laser cuts and added light stamping for extra texture. These help to strengthen the pocket. The pockets were joined with strong red line double sided tape.


I had fun doing something a bit different. It's not too late to join in if you fancy a challenge #craftingwithgiogio or just take a look to see what others have been up to.

Thank you for stopping by. Take care xx


  1. That's absolutely gorgeous!!!!
    Very clever moreover, I love your idea Claire!!
    I will keep this in mind... I'm too busy this week to continue to join the challenge of Gio sadly on a regular basis.
    Coco xx

    1. Hope you are keeping well, sadly crafting can't always come first. I will look forward to seeing your posts and will keep an eye on your blog.xxx

  2. That's a brilliant idea and looks great. Wishing you a happy week and lots of crafty thoughts to keep you busy, Angela xXx


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