Friday 16 December 2022

A Noof Christmas


I had a lot of fun making today's card using Noof the cat from Lavinia. It involved some masking and some careful positioning.

First I stamped the hat on the card, and also made a mask by stamping and cutting it out of copy paper. I find copy paper is thin enough that the second stamp can press right up to the edge and not leave a white gap. I used a stamp platform as they are quite big stamps and you can always go again if you miss a bit.

With the hat masked off I stamped the cat on top... that when the mask was removed the hat sits neatly between the ears.

Next I postioned the mice (it took a few practice attempts)...

...and the baubles...and drew in the strings.

I used a white pencil to add some shading to the mice and coloured the rest with alcohol markers. The last bit was some stencilling with weathered wood Distress Ink.

I don't think Noof is very impressed with the decorations! What do you imagine he's thinking?

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate all your comments.

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  1. I am so in love with this, the kitty, it's hat and the little mice just love them all xXx


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