Friday 3 February 2023

Dimension without layers


Today I'm sharing a card made on the fabulous 'Dimension without Layers' workshop with Isa. Obviously I won't share the process but you can still sign up and access the recording. As usual, you get pre workshop instructions, so that if you want you can do the preparation and craft along at the same time.

It looked like this part way through...

...nearly finished...

 ...and ended up like this. 

The project is completely flat, nothing stuck on. Great for avoiding extra postage! 

Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely week xx

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  1. Hi Claire, I'm loving this technique. It would be great to join in with a class but at the moment I just don't think I could commit myself enough to make it worthwhile. Thanks for the birthday thoughts and of course there were crafty gifts too even though I keep telling myself that I need to use the old stuff first. Look forward to seeing more of your projects. Have a great week. Hugszx, Angela xXx


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