Sunday 3 September 2017

Inspiration on the Street - Berlin

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I've been off on my holidays on a grand tour of Europe taking in several countries on the way. Some of the cities were revisits and some new. The upside of covering nearly 3000 miles in two weeks is that we packed in a lot, the down side is that we only got to see snippets of places. As my husband likes to find new craft beers we discovered a strategy that works for us is to combine outdoor sightseeing with looking for street art, craft shops and microbreweries...that way everyone's happy!

Over several posts I'll share some of the best art I discovered along the way. Some of it I sought out using the internet and some we came across by chance. Sadly I know I missed out on some really great pieces but then I always have an excuse to go back.

First stop was Bonn in Germany but after a long journey we only had time to visit the Beethoven museum, have dinner and a brief wander around. Next was two days in Berlin and as we have visited before it was a good excuse to just wander around. We came across several segments of the old wall that used to divide Berlin into east and west.

In a housing estate off Kothener Strasse we came across commissioned art creating an outdoor gallery. My favourite pieces were by artist Kani Alavi.


We went in search of the mural by Brasilian twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo on Oppelner Strasse.

We saw a huge variety of styles on our wanderings.


Some of them were a little more risky...I didn't photograph them all!

This is definitely a city I could visit time and time again and always be inspired by something new.

Next stop...Krakow...

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  1. It looks like you have had a wonderful trip!!!!!
    How lucky... Beautiful art and photos, again, thank you.
    I never visited Berlin, I hope I will do it one day (my husband promised!! :-)


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