Tuesday 5 September 2017

Inspiration on the Street - Krakow

Hello there
More street art today, this time from our brief stop in Krakow on our grand European tour. A lot of the pieces we found in the Kazimierz District, the historical Jewish Quarter, south of the old town.

One of the more impressive murals was a series of historical portraits by Piotr Janowczyk on Jozefa.

There were smaller pieces dotted around everywhere. We weren't the only ones on the street art hunt as we also came across organised tours. Again, I realise we missed out on some more important works but as it was our first visit to Krakow we also tried to see the usual tourist sites as well.

The architecture in general was stunning and Krakow also has a lot of public sculptures. This large head was in the market square, the largest medieval market square in Europe.

These cheeky chaps were in the park which surrounds the old town.

This sculpture was in memory of a dog, Dzok, who waited faithfully for a year at the place where his master had died.


Krakow is definitely a place I would like to return to, to explore more of its street art, historical heritage and the wonderful food.

Next stop...Bratislava...


  1. Gosh you lucky thing what a great trip and fabulous art work. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  2. Oh, fabulous!!!
    Thank you Claire for sharing all this beautiful art in photos, I enjoyed the visit!


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