Wednesday 6 September 2017

Inspiration on the Street - Bratislava

I'm back again with the third instalment of my great European road trip. The next stop was in Bratislava, Slovakia. This was a new city for us so we spent quite a bit of time doing the more conventional tourist sightseeing. An added complication was the temperature rose above 30oC which made it rather uncomfortable walking long distances and much more tempting to sit in the cool of a bar and watch life go by! Nevertheless I managed to find some great pieces.

This one is by Hungarian artist or writer Fat Heat, off Kamenné Square, in the old town.

I must confess some of these were taken from the comfort of a little tourist bus. The only vehicles allowed in the centre of the old town.

This can be found at the foot of the UFO Tower.

A little wandering around in the cool of the evening uncovered more pieces.

There was a wonderful mix of historic and modern architecture around the centre and old town.

Of course we had to line up with the other tourists to photograph the famous sculpture Cumil by Viktor Hulik which translates as the watcher (known in English as Man at Work). Whether he's spying or looking up ladies skirts is a matter of some debate!

 Possibly my favourite of the whole trip was this little duo which had me laughing aloud.

Thanks for joining me on this stop...Milan...

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  1. Thanks for these gorgeous recaps, such beautiful art. Can't wait to see Milan!


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