Wednesday 21 October 2020

Gel tastic


After a lovely day messing around in the craft room I have caught up with the inktober monoprinting challenge set by Kim Herringe for those following her course. I've used a mixture of commercial stencils and ones cut myself from paper.

12. Rain

13. Shoes

14. Fish

15. Child

16. Dog

17. Home

18. Letter box

I love the versatility of gel printing. I think the secret is in the paint and the paper. I've invested in more Golden open acrylics, which stay wet long enough to pull a print and a ghost print. I use a 200gsm coated thin card which seems to be flexible enough to pick up a lot of the details but robust enough to not fall apart with multiple paint layers. 

I think the dog going for a walk on the moor is my favourite. Which is yours?

Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely day xx


  1. I think the first 2 are good as backgrounds whilst the fish and dog are complete pictures. The houses prints are quite interesting and the brick one appeals to me but minus the black rectangle. For paper I often use a 135gsm cartridge paper (WHSmith) it does bear up with several layers, especially as I routinely use front and back. Carry on as you are Claire... x

  2. Oh my! that's a difficult one. No I give in I love them all! The black rectangle reminds me of a post box or letter box it's kind of mystical as though it's a space into another world. Wishing you a very happy and safe week, Angela xXx


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