Saturday 31 October 2020

The magic of monoprinting


I have finally come to the end of the challenge for October set by Kim Herringe for those who have taken her online monoprinting workshop. I'm pretty impressed I did a print for each day and I now have a stack of prints which can become cards and backgrounds for other projects. 

22. Circle

23. Moon

24. Bicycle

25. Music

26. Treat

27. Feather

28. Shoes

29. River

30. Cat

31. Pencil

I've certainly learnt a lot more about how the layers interact and how the different paints behave. I've also discovered a new love...Payne's did I ever live without it?!

Thank you for taking time to stop by. Hope you have a lovely week xxx


  1. Beautiful selection of colours. Hope you have as much fun using them....

  2. Wonderful set of new monoprints... absolutely gorgeous!
    Monoprinting is very addictive, so I'm sure you will now produce many more new marvelous prints... and I agree about Payne's grey Claire! I love it too!! :) xx

  3. Well done on completing the challenge, Claire! I love the Moon print (in Paynes' Grey no doubt..), so atmospheric! Have a great Sunday. x

  4. Yes I'm with Christine, I love the Moon Print it's so beautiful and every time I look at it I see something different. It's very special. Happy crafty week, Angela xxx

  5. You didi it!! It is demanding to follow a monthly challenge but you learned so much!
    I smiled when I read about the Payne's Grey, for me, too, was a revelation, especially for monoprinting :-)


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