Friday 9 October 2020

Monoprinting mania

Hello there

It's been a busy week but I have tried to keep up with the challenge Kim Herringe has set those taking her online workshop, to print something every day for a month, with prompts if we want to follow them. 

Here are my efforts this week...I'm starting to get the hang of how the layers work...but still forgot first time round to reverse the stencil with words!

4. Music

5. Float

6. Daisy

7. Beach

8. Bird

Most of the stencils are from Giogiocraft but I made the bird stencil out of paper. I had a new delivery this week so watch this space. 

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I really appreciate all of your comments and suggestions. Hope you have a lovely week. xxx










  1. Wow Claire!!!
    I love especially the first one on music... but really gorgeous prints, all delicate, well thought and designed, very clever and interesting work!
    I wish I could follow your steps and this gripping workshop with this artist inline. I keep her name in mind, thanks :) xxx

  2. You are doing well keeping up with the challenge, Claire! I'm looking forward to the next batch made with Gio's goodies...

  3. Eheh, luckily you post also on Instagram, so I had a glimpe at your gorgeous prints. Continua cosi!! These are all brilliant and unique :-)

  4. Forget....thank you for the shout out!! Much much appreciated <3


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it. xx