Tuesday 29 December 2020

Christmas catch up


If you have been celebrating this week I do hope all went well. Where we are, we had to forgo family festivities and resort to one family bubble driving by another's home and not getting out of the car, just a wave through the windows. All quite surreal. Leaving two of us with turkey for fourteen!

Here's the last of the polar bears, for this year anyway. This time using a gel monoprint background and laser cut polar bears.

I also added a few tweaks to my Monet's The Magpie from the brilliant Something Less Boring workshop.

I really enjoyed painting this scene and now I'm eagerly anticipating snow so that I can take my own reference photos.

Right, off now to do some crafting and maximise the holiday time I have left.

Keep safe and well and have a good day xx


  1. Beautiful Art work. Lets just hope that things get better next year, fingers crossed. Hugs, Angela xXx

  2. I absolutely adore both artworks. Relly beautiful, thanks for sharing Claire!!
    I've ordered some new stencils to Gio, I don't know if I will have this bear or not as I didn't choose it at first... But really regret it! Maybe she will put it in addition to all the other ones ordered, I don't know.. Otherwise, it will be first on my wishlist for the next time haha! :)
    Happy New Year, and I love your fabulous painting, wow. xxx

  3. I love that background on the bear card, just magical! Your painting looks really good, the light is well defined with spot on tones and the shadows of the fence etc...
    We have had our Christmas dinner 4 times already, with some variants... but I did enjoy the relaxed proceedings of a restricted table!.
    Happy New Year to you and your family! I don't want to jinx it but surely it's like the song said Things can only... x


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