Sunday 13 December 2020

Up above the trees and houses


As the children I give gifts to get older, more and more so they want vouchers and money to choose their own things, or put towards more expensive items. It's hard to make it look like an exciting present. Decorating an envelope makes it look a little bit special and separate from a card. 

These were two really quick makes using Giogiocraft stencils Distress Oxide ink and stamps from magazines collected over the years.

I think the houses stencil might have been released for halloween but a change of colour and sparkle makes it perfect for Christmas. Different colours again and it could be for a new home.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, I love both this wonderful stencil and your idea, Claire!!
    Indeed it's hard now to offer something special to the children we love... I have the same problem! I think I'm going to follow your steps, thank you! xxx

  2. Older teens and twenty-something.... terrible, I ran out of ideas a long time ago! Lovely stencil and a quick way to dress up envelopes!

  3. They certainly look special to me they are gorgeous. Well done in coming up with the idea. Hugs, Angela xXx


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