Monday 10 January 2022

January tagalong


This year I'm going to join in with challenges set by Isa who designs for Katzelkraft and Crafty Individuals.

If you are interested you need to ask to join the private tagalong group. I won't share her techniques for obvious reasons. There will be live demos and prizes. I've really missed crafting with other people and this is a good compromise for present circumstances. 

January tagalong

The FBlive demos a technique, not a design, so everyone's tags are different.

Isa is also hosting a monthly art journal challenge, a monthly Christmas card challenge, and most intriguingly a basket challenge. The idea behind the basket challenge is to gather together a bunch of old and unfulfilled crafting supplies and do something with them.

Did I say it's free?! Maybe 'see' some of you at the next FB live in February.

Thank you for stopping by have a lovely week xx


  1. Hi Claire loving the tag. I have joined the Tag Along but not done anything yet. It can get very lonely crafting alone, I agree. I have been lucky in finding a local craft group and apart from the Lockdown we've been able to meet though we are very careful. They are quite a mixed bunch with various interests. Have a lovely week, Angela xXx

    1. I agree you get a different kind of energy crafting with other people, not to mention you gain ideas and inspiration. Even when I've run a class for beginners you always see something new, that's the joy of crafting. I keep thinking I should develop my own style but there are too many things to try!

  2. That sounds like fun... I love both brands so it's just a question of time and inspiration! Lovely tag by the way, Claire.


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