Sunday 23 July 2023

The voice of the sea


At last holiday time has arrived and the weather is cold and wet...perfect for crafting!

Today I'm sharing a tag for TAWI using moodboard colours and the prompts sea, fish and cup.  The tag also had to include collage which isn't something I usually go for, but managed some torn paper in the background.

Then I forgot to take any more photos until it was finished! I stencilled and stamped the net and bubbles onto the card. The fish, cup and shells were stamped on card and cut out. The fish and cup needed a bit of masking to make it look as if the fish is inside.

I enjoyed making this more than I thought I would with the odd combination of elements. 

Hope you are having a lovely day. Thank you for stopping by xx


  1. Such amazing tag, love so much how you mixed all the techniques and the fab colours!!

  2. Hi Claire, loving this. Sorry I've not been to see you recently but as you know we've been a bit busy at my mum. Take care and happy creative week xxx

  3. Great results! The colours are harmonious, and the masking paid off!


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