Monday 20 June 2022

Butterflies, bees and bugs...part 3


If you've been following recent posts you will have seen the samples for a card making night at Chertsey museum. 



The evening was good fun. It was on the hottest day of the year and everyone soldiered through the heat...some with the help of a little chilled white wine. It's always a sociable evening and often people book in groups (if you're thinking the tables are a bit cramped) and don't want to be spread out.

The group made some stunning cards, and I'm very pleased to say, they all added their own creativity and really experimented. I don't think I got them all photographed but here's a sample...

Thank you to everyone who came along it was a very enjoyable evening. 

There's one more butterfly card I made for the FB #tagalongcolour challenge with Isa last month. It had to have complementary colours and I've used one of the Katzelkraft butterflies designed by @Isa.C.ArtandCraft.

 Have a lovely crafty week. Thank you stopping by xxx




  1. Gorgeous cards and bet you had a lovely evening. There is nothing better than crafting with like minded people. Happy creating, Angela xXx

  2. The cards are stunning and I think you had a very enjoyable evening card making at the museum, it is a pleasure to see it :-)

  3. Looks like a fab evening! Love your tagalong card, Claire. I just won't have the time to join the Tagalongs for a few months yet.


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